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Here you can find answers on frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer, feel free to contact us.

No, our products are not tested on animals. We have actually taken it to the next level by making our products vegan and ensuring that the different ingredients in our products are not tested on animals either.

We believe that the two most important things are transparency and using the right ingredients in our products. There are no harmful chemicals in our products and when we start developing a product, this is the most important thing for us to avoid. We have had many ideas for products in the process and many have been dropped because they could not be produced without compromise. We do not compromise, when it comes to harmful chemicals. The Elements collection are not certified because of the aluminum bottle. This type of bottle can only be certified for human products and not for animals.

Yes, the products from our “Elements Collection” contain perfume. We think that all dogs deserve to be hugged 24/7 and smelling and looking good is so much more appealing than the smell of wet dog…we call it cuddle guarantee. We have chosen to use synthetic perfume as this is the only way fragrance can be controlled 100% in production. That way we keep the amount of perfume to an absolute minimum. Our products are free of the 26 declarable allergenic fragrances that cause the strongest allergic reactions and which the EU recommends avoiding.

Had our products been for us humans, warning symbols would not have been necessary, as it would fall under the European Cosmetics Regulation of 2013. Our products could even achieve some of the strictest certificates, but since our products are for animals, other rules apply – ref. CLP Regulations EC No. 1272/2008. According to the authorities we are legally obliged to put warning symbols on our products which we of course follow. The pH value in our products is of course adapted to dogs and not humans. Therefore, the products do not have the same grooming effect on us, but if they did, we would, without question, use the products on ourselves.

JORD & LUFT cuddle+care shampoo both contain 91% natural ingredients where 72% come from organic farming. JORD & LUFT refresh+detangle grooming spray contain 94% natural ingredients where 88% come from organic farming. You can always see the percentage of organic and natural ingredients at the bottom of the list of ingredients on the bottle.

The only difference between jord, luft and vand is the scent.

Sustainability is very much on our agenda and we believe that if you want to be taken seriously as a brand, sustainability must be one of your top priorities in everything you do. A good example is our bottle. We have chosen to use aluminum for two reasons. First of all, it is the most sustainable choice one can use at the moment. Secondly, we think it looks super cool for our products.

We are proud to say that our products are Made in Denmark.

We love cats and if you read under “our story” you will find out why it had to be nocat studio.

It is not only a good idea; it is a great idea always to brush the fur and remove any knots before washing your dog. Our shampoo is made without softener. We have done this in order to add as much volume to the as possible. When the fur is wet it may feel different from other shampoos, but it makes the fur dry a lot faster and once it is dry the fur feels soft, shiny and with a lot of volume. If the fur is still a bit difficult to brush afterwards, we recommend that you use our refresh+detangle grooming spray. This is made with natural silicone so it does not ruin the volume.

Jord, luft and vand are inspired by the Four Elements. In English the names are earth, air and water.

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