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Our mission

We are a team of dog loving people, who are on a mission to celebrate all the loving dogs in the World through a Nordic Luxury Beauty Brand for dogs. Where compromise is not an option. Where we strive for perfection, we stand for quality and we always act with the intentions of our four-legged friends at heart.

We deliver :
• Luxury products
• Products without harmful chemistry
• Community
• Cuddle-guarantee

We have created nocat studio because we would like to make a positive difference for you and your dog.

Our Name

Meet Otis, my 2-year-old rough-haired dachshund, whom I love to pieces.

Being as short as he is, Otis compensates by always seeking to higher grounds. His favorite spot is the armrest of our sofa, where he has a clear overview of our house, the garden and people walking by outside. From there he sends a friendly bark to whoever passes by outside, whether it is a bird or a person, and as he lies there, constantly on the verge of falling down, he reminds me so much more of a cat than of a dog.

As Otis lies on the armrest, no cat, just a 2-year-old rough-haired dachshund, he is the perfect example that inspiration can be found in the strangest of places. In the process of creating our brand, Otis and that particular spot in our living room became the inspiration of the name nocat studio.

If it is true what they say about cats, I wish Otis also has nine lives. Unfortunately, he only has one and therefore I will do my utmost to make it the most memorable one.

Welcome to nocat studio

Christina, Founder

the dog otis on the back of a sofa
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